This blog is a personal initiative to collect the profiles of prominent Tibetans in Exile, who had and are presenting serving the Tibetan community in exile.

I have drawn an inspiration from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to make a comprehensive collection of profiles of Tibetans who had labored hard during the initial stage of rehabilitation in exile as well as those who had contributed much to the welfare of the Tibetan community.

More than half a century had gone since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, yet, we long for freedom and the reunification of Tibetan brothers and sisters. When the times sinks, we shall not forget our traumatic history of early exile life and its development to the present world of being the successful democratic system. This shall be the ultimate gift of exile to our brethren countrymen in Tibet.

This compilation of profiles is to mark our sincere respect to our older generation, who strive to pursue freedom and preserve Tibetan culture in exile.  Their perseverance and commitment for the just cause of Tibet shall remain as an inspiration to the younger generation to move forward.

If anyone want to share the profiles, you are most welcome to do so. However, entry of profiles will be moderated to check the authenticity of information.

For sharing profiles, mail me at purgyall(at)gmail.com