Rinchen KhandoRinchen Khando Choegyal was born in Kandze, eastern Tibet, and escaped her homeland in 1959. Mrs. Choegyal received her B.A. degree at Loreto College in Darjeeling, India. She is married to Tenzin Choegyal, younger brother of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is the mother of two children. One of the most articulate spokespersons for the Tibetan cause, she travels extensively educating the international community on the plight of Tibetan refugees and the importance of preserving the Tibetan culture through education. Her tireless service to the community was recognized in 1997 with her receipt of the Women of Courage Award from the Women’s Commission on Refugee Women and Children.

Mrs. Rinchen Khando is a founding member of the Tibetan Women’s Association and served as its President from its founding in 1984 until her nomination to the Tibetan Cabinet in 1994. Under the auspice of Tibetan Women’s Association, the Tibetan Nuns Project was established. She is the Director of the Tibetan Nuns Project, which facilitates education and built nunneries for nuns escaping Tibet. She has also served as the Minister of Education in the Central Tibetan Administration, a post in which she was responsible for overseeing the education for all Tibetan children living in exile in India and Nepal.

Mrs. Choegyal currently resides in Dharamshala, India.


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