Ven. Chodak Gyatso Nubpa was born into an eminent Nyingma lineage family in 1951 in Aninkar, Tibet, Chodak Gyatso began his education at the age of four at Nyendril Ling Monastery.

Ven. Chodak Gyatso Nubpa

Ven. Chodak Gyatso Nubpa (1951 – 2009)

With his family, he fled Tibet in 1959. Many of his immediate family died during the perilous escape into India. Chodak Gyatso received his school education from the Tibetan school in Mussoorie. He continued his studies in traditional and modern education at the Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies. He later spent two years at the University of Delhi, studying both Eastern and Western philosophy at the postgraduate level. He received teachings and transmissions from many learned spiritual teachers, including His Eminence Dudjom Rinpoche and H.E. Dilgo Kheyntse Rinpoche.

Chodak Gyatso worked in various capacities in the exile Tibetan community from 1979 – 1990. He served as the president of the Bod Rangwang Denpai Legul Tsokchung in Varanasi. He took charge as the president of students’ welfare committee at the Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi. Later, he was chosen as the adviser of the International students’ association at Delhi University. He also served as the first president of the Indo-Tibetan Friendship Association in Dharamsala.

He chaired the 10th Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies from 2 Sept 1988 to 11 May 1990 after getting elected as the representative of Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism in the assembly. Earlier from 2 Sept 1987 to 1 Sept 1988, he was elected as the vice chairman of the 9th ATPD.

He went to Los Angeles in 1992 at the request of His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, and took charge of the Thondup Ling Buddhist Center in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.



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