DR. TASHI NAMGYAL (1938-2010)

DR. TASHI NAMGYAL (1938-2010)

Dr. Tashi Namgyal, the fifth Dopta Amchi was born in Earth Tiger Year (1938) in the 15Th Rabjung at Dopta and first admitted into Amchi apprenticeship under his great grandfather Amchi Samdup Tshering la.At the age of nine he started to memorise the text of Gyudshi, the four basic text of Tibetan Medicine, which took four years to memorise the entire texts. Then gradually he learned how to identify medicinal herbs and flower, constantly during spring, summer and autumn season.He have to go regularly with his grandfather to every place of Dopta, high or low, for studying about herbs and identify them particularly. He used to teach him how to dry and preserve the herbs after cleansing them and after practising in that way for some years he used to sent him along with two servants to pick up the herbs for the purpose of gaining experiences.

At the age of 18,he was sent alone to treat the patient in the neighbouring place called Drik.The patient was suffering from Bam –Doom (Gout).That was his first experience and he successfully treat the patient. Then later on he used to visit patient without any hesitation.

When he came to India after 1959 he left the practise of Amchi and tried to learn more from his Father Amchi Kunga Dorjee. After few years of his father death he started his practise of Amchi and rededicated upon the Amchi System. He learned about the practise of Acupuncture from Dr Yeshe Dhonden, famous personal physician to His Holiness the Dalia Lama. After that he approach Amchi Tenzin Choedrak and learned about nervous disorder and Tibetan medicine in general. Likewise, he had the opportunity of consulting with many famous Amchi’s and gained many experiences. Then he opened his own clinic Ghangzong Sorig Clinic at Gangtok where he did his own work of treating people and picking up of medicines and compounding the.

He attained many conferences and received awards like lifelong contribution in field of non conventional medicine and Shiromani Award. He attained many workshops of Tibetan Medicine Science organised by the Council of Tibetan medicine as resource person and in state also.

He served in this line of Tibetan medicine for almost 4o years and kept alive our tradition of Tibetan medicine. He was only Amchi in Gangtok who did moxing blood letting cupping and etc, to the patients. He breathes his last at the age of 73 after a long illness in 2010.

Tribute by his son Dr. Sonam Tsering Surkhang
Source: http://www.tibmedcouncil.org


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